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Taking Spanish at Stanford FAQs

For non-Stanford students:
Q: I want to take a Spanish class at Stanford. How do I go about that?
A: During the 2020-2021 school year,  the Stanford Continuing Studies Program will only offer Beginning Spanish I and only in the Autumn Quarter. The course will be taught online due to the pandemic. Sign up at
Other entities that offer Spanish classes are the Palo Alto Adult School and UC Berkeley Extension, as well as your local community college. You may want to contact them if the Continuing Studies offerings do not meet your needs.
If you wish to attend a Stanford course as a non-matriculating student at full price, the cost is prohibitive, but contact Stanford Admissions at for further information.
Q: I want to hire a private tutor. How do I go about that?
A: Click the "Contact person by email" link at left and provide the preferred days/times/frequency you'd like to have tutoring and the amount you'd be willing to pay, along with any pertinent information about the needs of the tutee. (Currently, advanced undergraduates may charge ~$35-50/hour, graduate students ~$60-75/hour, and PhDs in the range of $80-125/hour, depending on travel requirements.) The information you provide will be forwarded to current teaching staff and/or advanced students per your request.
For Stanford students:
Q: I'm concerned about my placement. Do I have to take the precise course in which I was placed?
A: The short answer is, "Yes, you must take the course in which you've been placed." That's because students taking a course that is too easy for them are likely to intimidate their peers and suffer from boredom, while those with insufficient proficiency for a course are likely to slow down the class while failing to fully engage and progress. 
However, if you're concerned about your placement or feel there may have been an error, please click the "Contact person by email" link at left and request that your placement exam and oral interview be reviewed. Please note: students who place into Spanlang 2 cannot take Spanlang 2A, which requires a higher level of proficiency than that required for Spanlang 2. 
Q: I'm a graduate student and can't take a Spanish course for full credit?
A: Graduate students who need to take a course for reduced units should click the "Contact person by email" link at left or contact the Language Center for further information.
Q: May I audit a Stanford Spanish course?
A: No, the University strictly prohibits the auditing of "performance courses," such as language courses.
If you don't see your question answered here, please click the "Contact person by email" link at left.

For specific information, see the Spanish Language Program Main Site.