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Instructors: Idan Gillo, Jens Pohlmann, Paul Nissler (Program Coordinator), Friederike Knüpling


The German Language Program at Stanford is amongst the most ambitious language programs in the country. The program is informed through the most current research in second language acquisition and continually proppelling forward through the extraordinary talents and abilities of Stanford students.

The principal goal is to enhance students academic program and enable them to live, work, study and research in German-speaking countries/places.

The German Language program offers a variety of options for Stanford students with diverse interests and backgrounds. Use the Courses tab above and the links below to find out more about the program.

For more information on all of the courses offered in the German Language Program, please click on the Courses tab at the top of this page. 

If you have questions about the German Language program please contact the coordinator, Paul Nissler.

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