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Course Schedule

Spring 2022 EFS Class Schedule

Please read the course descriptions at the bottom of this page if you are not sure which classes to take. Note that these are only open to registered Stanford students taking them for credit--visitors and student auditors cannot be accommodated. Course descriptions also appear here:



Course title




690C Advanced Interacting in English Streichler MW 11:30 - 1:00
691 Oral Presentation Streichler MW 1:30 - 3:30
692 Speaking and Teaching in Englisg Streichler TR 11:30 - 1:00
693B Advanced Listening and Vocabulary Development Lockwood W 11:00 - 1:00
697 Gateway to Graduate Writing Geda TTh 9:45 - 11:15


Writing Academic English

Lockwood W 8:30 - 10:30
698B Advanced Graduate Writing Streichler TTh 3:15 - 4:45
699W Advanced Writing Projects Lockwood - -
703 Online Coaching: Accent Reduction Wang - -
DLCL 298 Preparing to Teach English as a Second Language Geda TTh 1:30 - 3:00

EFSLANG 690A   Interacting in English 

Strategies for effective interaction in academic settings. Emphasis on functional language used in typical university settings, including active listening, asking questions, and contributing ideas and opinions. Activities include simulation and discussion, with feedback on pronunciation, grammar, and usage.
Winter, 1-3 units

EFSLANG 690B   Academic Discussion
Refinement and practice of discussion skills with attention to pronunciation, grammar, and appropriateness for specific tasks.  Preparation for effective participation in classroom and research group communication. Detailed feedback on usage.   Prerequisite: 690A or consent of instructor.
Fall, Winter, 1-3 units  

EFSLANG 690C   Advanced Interacting in English
Attention to communication skills for extended discourse, such as storytelling and presenting supported arguments, while improving interactive listening facility and increasing overall intelligibility and accuracy.  Targets advanced level fluency in classroom, professional and social settings. Identification of and attention to individual patterned errors.  Prerequisite: 690A or 690B or consent of instructor. 
Spring, 1-3, units                                            

EFSLANG 691   Oral Presentation
For advanced graduate students. Practice in academic presentation skills: strategy, design, organization, and use of visual aids. Focus on improving fluency and delivery style, with videotaping for extensive feedback on language accuracy and usage. Prerequisite: 695A or consent of instructor.
Fall, Winter, Spring, 1-3 units

EFSLANG 692   Speaking and Teaching in English
For non-native speakers who must teach in English. Focus on developing clarity, intelligibility, and effectiveness through weekly presentation simulating actual teaching assistant responsibilities. Extensive feedback on comprehensibility, interpersonal and intercultural communication skills.
Fall, Winter, Spring, 1-3 units

EFSLANG 693A   Listening Comprehension
Strategies for effective listening in an academic setting, with a focus on identifying key ideas in lectures. Practice in understanding words and phrases commonly encountered in classroom settings. Work with computer-based exercises to promote comprehension of rapid, natural speech.  
Fall 1-3 units   **Note: Students required to take 693A must take it during their first Fall quarter.

EFSLANG 693B   Advanced Listening and Vocabulary Development
Development of listening strategies and vocabulary for understanding English in a variety of academic and non-academic contexts.  Discussion and interpretation of communicative intent.  Emphasis on effective listening strategies, with computer-based and video exercises plus independent listening projects.  Prerequisite: 693A or consent of instructor.
Fall, Winter, Spring, 1-3 units

EFSLANG 695A   Pronunciation and Intonation
Recognition and practice of American English sounds, stress, rhythm and intonation patterns for greater comprehension and intelligibility.  Analysis of problem areas and training in production of correct patterns in class and with an online computer program.  Practice in self-monitoring and self-correction.   Biweekly individual meetings with the instructor
Winter, Spring, 1-3 units

EFSLANG 697   Gateway to Graduate Writing   
A course in written communication with a focus on improving grammatical accuracy and vocabulary, building fluency, and learning the structure and conventions of English correspondence, reports, and short academic papers. Open to undergraduates by permission. Meets EFS requirement for Writing Fundamentals
Fall, Winter, Spring, 1-3 units

EFSLANG 698A  Writing Academic English
Prepares graduate students to write academic papers; emphasis on fluency, organization, documentation, and appropriateness for specific writing tasks.
Fall, Winter, Spring, 1-3 units

EFSLANG 698B  Advanced Graduate Writing
For graduate students experienced in English writing and currently required to write for courses and research. Class meetings and frequent individual conferences. Prerequisite: 698A or consent of instructor.
Fall, Spring, 1-3 units

EFSLANG 699W. Advanced Writing Projects

This tutorial-based course supports students' continuing growth as writers in their fields. It provides weekly individual meetings with an EFS instructor of around 50 minutes on one or more major writing projects, such as qualifying papers, grant proposals, papers for publication, or dissertation chapters. The meetings are structured around the student's individual writing needs. Space is limited, and priority is given to those who have completed one or more of the following: EFSLANG 688, 698A, 698B or 698C. Students with any EFS writing requirements must complete them before taking 699W.

Instructor permission is required. For questions or information on how to apply contact Fall, Winter, Spring, 1 unit. ENROLL EARLY: SPACE IS LIMITED

EFSLANG 703. Online Coaching: Accent Reduction

This short course provides focused instruction and practice on speaking English in personal, academic, and professional situations with greater clarity and effectiveness. Using an online approach with students selecting the times to work through the materials, they learn the key sound patterns of North American English, focusing on word stress, linking, rhythm, intonation and prosody. Over the five-week course, students improve their speaking clarity through the use of short video lectures, dictation exercises, and practice with an online pronunciation software package. They also receive individualized pronunciation coaching from the instructor via weekly 20-minute tutorials. Students with a requirement in EFSLANG 695A must complete it before enrolling: a prior course in pronunciation for others is recommended but not required. Section 1 weeks 1-5; Section 2 weeks 6-10. Fall, Winter, Spring, 1 unit. ENROLL EARLY: SPACE IS LIMITED